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Attainable Housing

It is a key goal of the Province is to support a range and mix of housing options,
including second units and affordable housing, to serve all sizes, incomes, and
ages of households...

Environment and Natural Heritage

Natural heritage planning involves a system-based approach to the identification,
protection, and wise use of resources...

Recreational Carrying

It is an imperative direction in the Official Plan that all development on the
Township’s lakesmust protect, improve, or restore the quality of water in the lakes,
as well as protect the social experiences of those people using the lakes...

Growth Management and
Settlement Areas

Population and employment growth is directed to Settlement Areas, where the
creation of attractive, vibrant, complete, healthy communities can be supported
by a range and mix of land uses, public service facilities and infrastructure...

Employment & Economic Prosperity

Economic development and diversification are important goals for the Township
of Seguin...

Infrastructure & Public Service Facilities

The provision of infrastructure and public service facilities in an efficient and
economical way is a key consideration for growth and development...

Rural Areas

Rural areas are vital to the economic success of the Province and the quality of life
of its residents...


The Official Plan’s Vision is intended to guide land use planning and the decisions
of public authorities regarding development in the Township...

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